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COVID-19 Procedures

Our efforts continue to center around taking appropriate steps to minimize exposure to COVID-19 for students, staff and families. Here’s a summary of adjustments we’ve made to keep everyone safe. You’ll find a full description of our procedures in the PDF below.

COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Procedure Overview

Symptom Monitoring

  • Families will complete a daily Google form certifying their child is not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

  • Staff will take the temperatures of students upon arrival 

  • Staff will complete symptom and temperature checks each day upon arrival 

  • The illness policy is updated to reflect CDC guidelines for COVID-19 

  • In the event someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, staff and families will be informed that an individual in the school has tested positive. The person’s identify won’t be shared. We’ll inform staff and families of necessary actions based on their interaction with the person who tested positive for COVID-19.

Close Contact Nofication Letter Example

Not Close Contact Nofication Letter Example

Social Distancing 

  • Class sizes are limited to five students, one teacher and one enrichment teacher.

  • Special education teachers, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists will take extra precautions working with individual students. 

  • Snack and meal times, nap times, drop-off and pick-up will be adapted to allow for 6 feet of social distancing. 

  • Visits to cubbies, restrooms, water fountains, etc. will be adjusted to allow for social distancing. 

  • We’ll utilize outdoor spaces to the greatest extent possible as weather permits, and make necessary adjustments to allow for social distancing. 

Use of Masks

  • Students and staff will wear masks during all indoor activities and outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained, with the exception of snack, lunch and nap. 

  • Adjustments will be made to ensure adequate hearing for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and for speech articulation and auditory perception work to occur. This may include masks with clear coverings over the mouth, face shields, Plexiglass and adjustments to children’s hearing devices. 

Cleaning and Sanitization

  • We’re using a new vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to throuroughly clean carpeted areas. 

  • High touch surfaces (tables, chairs, doorknobs, elevator buttons, office equipment, playground equipment) will be cleaned several times during the school day, as well as overnight.

  • Toys, such as magnet-tiles, or dollhouse toys, will be used by one or two children at a time, and wiped down after each use. 

  • School supplies such as crayons, markers, glue sticks, and scissors will be labeled with each child’s name and stored in a container with their name on it. These materials won’t be shared.