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Family Involvement Expectations

Many private schools require parents to commit to a certain number of volunteer hours each year, helping in the classrooms, lunch room, school library or at after school events as part of their tuition agreement. Families who are unable to meet this requirement are often charged an additional fee. CAOS families are spared this requirement, largely due to the tremendous volunteer support that we receive from The Carle Volunteer Office and University of Illinois students. In lieu of this, we ask that families commit to each of the listed activities below. We greatly appreciate your support in these areas and know that our school could not function successfully without you.

All Parents

  • Read with your children 5 - 7 days per week. Check and respond to information in your child’s folder each night. 

  • Review your child’s journal each night, reviewing school entries with your child and making entries as requested by your child’s teacher. 

  • Share three traditions/experiences with your child’s class each school year. 

  • Communicate with your child’s teacher, school office or the program director if you have questions, suggestions or concerns about your child’s educational program. 

  • Participate in Parent Teacher Conferences two to three times per school year. 

Parents of Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Ensure your child arrives with functioning hearing device(s) on each day of attendance. 

  • Ensure you send extra batteries for your child’s hearing device(s). 

  • Ensure you send troubleshooting equipment, such as ear mold cleaning brushes, cochlear implant cables and headpieces, if applicable. 

  • Observe or participate in two therapy sessions and two classroom lessons per year. 

  • Participate in monthly Parent Professional Collaboration Meetings.