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Food at CAOS

Breakfast During Before Care

No breakfast will be provided during Before Care. However, parents are welcome to send breakfast with their child prior to 8 a.m. Examples of acceptable breakfast meals include cereal (provide bowl, spoon, milk and cereal), pop tarts, muffins, granola/cereal bars, microwaveable waffles or pancakes (provide syrup, if applicable). If you have questions about whether your child’s favorite breakfast is acceptable at CAOS, please ask Sherri.

Morning Snack

The morning snack will be provided by CAOS. This will allow us to provide a variety of snack items that will provide different nutrients to each student throughout the day. An effort will be made to provide students with protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned fruit and grain/bread during each week. 

Each student will have a snack fee added to their tuition statement each semester. It’s our hope that this snack provision process will result in increased nutritional variety for the children as well as ease for families. It’s not our intention to impose a financial hardship on families, so if the snack fee poses a financial burden for your family, please contact Danielle.


  • Due to COVID-19, our lunch policy has changed. Ready-to-serve lunches will provide flexibility for staff to move lunch outside when weather permits.

  • Families will provide lunch for their children each day. This should include a ready-to-serve drink and lunch (no heating needed), plus napkins and utensils. 

  • Children are encouraged to eat healthy portions of their lunch before consuming desserts. 

  • In the event a child forgets their lunch, we have a supply of lunches available for a $5 fee, which will be added to your tuition account should the need arrise.

  • Please contact Danielle if your family would like to help support healthy lunches for children and families in need. Families receiving and providing support will be kept strictly confidential.

Snack During After Care

Snack during After Care will be provided by CAOS each day. Typically a fruit/vegetable, grain and dairy product are provided for children daily.